Central Rotorua Accommodation

Introducing Kylie…

We are so lucky to have Kylie join us at Aura Accommodation, she has really slipped into the Aura way with ease. Just quietly, she is a real shining star around this place, ensuring each and every guest has an awesome experience. Whether it is making a birthday amazing, organising Kiwi Cornhole competitions to keep the kids occupied, sharing the best brownie in town or being locked into a fierce noughts and crosses game, Kylie has always got the guests at the forefront of her mind.

Learn a little more about Kylie…

My journey to Rotorua…
I was born in Darwin, in the Northern Territory (yes, I am Australian by default). I moved to New Zealand when I was 12 after my Mum met a kiwi at the neighbour’s ‘barbie.’ One thing led to another and a year later she was packing life up as we knew it and shipping myself and my brother to a place we had never heard of. A place we now call home, beautiful Rotorua!

Rotorua family friendly Accommodation with trampoline

The tramp can provide hours of fun.

Home is where the heart is and Aotearoa has my heart…
The culture, the people. 
The Maori culture has been an obsession of mine since moving here. Everything about it fascinates me. It ignites something inside me that I find hard to describe, its sort of more like that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from a Nana’s hug. From the story of creation to beautiful creatures like the Taniwha (some may call them Myths & Legends), the customs and beliefs are nothing short of beautiful.

Rotorua family friendly Accommodation with heated swimming pool

The pool is all about having fun… this can be achieved by splashing, and soaking, and diving…

Rotorua & I
More than a one night stand.
Seriously, you need at least two full days and nights here. Hot pools, mud pools, Hangi and some of the most beautiful old buildings you will ever lay eyes on are really just the tip of our town. There’s mountain biking (if you like exercise) zip lining, luging, Zorbing, jet boats, swoop, swings, nature walks around any of our lakes and even a stroll through Sulphur Point ending at the Redwoods.

My favourite would have to be white water rafting!! You raft through some of the most spectacular and eerie surroundings we have to offer and that is all before THAT waterfall!!! Yes, I am referring to the 7 meter bad boy! Not to brag, but it is the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere (cough,cough)

Great Eats and Fun Treats
Where I take friends or family visiting from out of town (or Country)
Pig & Whistle – The best lamb salad
Terrace Kitchen – My happy place
Abracadabra – Gluten free brownie of the century
Lonestar- Cajan chicken is my go to
Atticus Finch/Urbano – special occasions or impressing in-laws (if I had some)

Aura Accommodation Rotorua

There is something special about Aura

And what about Aura?
I defolutely (definitely & absolutely) love working at Aura!!! When it comes to customer service it may seem “above and beyond” to others but to all of us here at Aura, it’s just Our Standard. Aura is all about getting to know each and every guest and forming a meaningful connection. Whether that is playing cornhole on the lawn, sharing a story or locking into a fierce game of noughts and crosses.
I have a love of all things people & Rotorua! I want to know how your day is, where you have come from, why you chose Rotorua and where you want to go next. It may come across as just doing my job, but I genuinely want to know. I love to talk, listen, help and just buzz about anything and everything.

It’s better (or worse) if it’s close to my heart, which is why I love my job! (I would talk about how I’m super spoilt, being paid to do what I love, but they might read this, so shhhhh)