Sustainability is at the core of Aura Accommodation, in fact one of our key values is ‘Educate and inspire – we are the change our world needs.’
Follow our progress as we implement more sustainable initiatives into the day to day running of our business, and educate and inspire our guests to make more sustainable choices.
Sustainable Aura

We are committed to providing composting facilities to our guests and have set an ambitious goal to compost over 50% of our waste. That requires commitment from both sides.  What’s best, we can even pack up some compost and send it home with you.

In Room Waste Sorting

We make correctly sorting your waste easy by providing clear information and different bins within your room. We then do the rest to ensure it finds it’s way to the Compost, Recycling or the Landfill. We even keep some food aside for Farmer Brown and his local pigs.

Local & Fairtrade

We choose amenities that support local businesses, support fair working conditions world wide and choose the most sustainable packaging. Our espresso coffee is sourced from Revolver Espresso, a local Rotorua business and our other amenities are proudly Fairtrade Certified.

Pedal Power

Rotorua is small. Rather than jumping in the car to see the city, we actively encourage walking, biking or scootering around the city. We provide bikes and scooters free of charge to our guests to venture off and explore.

Geothermal Power

We are powered on Geothermal Energy. Well not exclusively, but all our hot water is heated from clean, green, geothermal energy. This means your shower, the tap water, the in room radiators, outdoor pool and thermal steam box for cooking. We tap into earths renewable goodness to keep things toasty.

Glass Milk

No more single use milk cartons! We bottle our milk in renewable glass jars. Less waste to the landfill and a better tasting drop in your morning coffee.

Soap Recycling

We are involved in the Beyond Skin Deep soap recycling programme. This is a great company that collects used soap bars, produces new bars and distributes them to vulnerable communities to improve hygiene practices.

Committed to Sustainable Tourism

We are part of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment , this committing to support our local community and enhance our natural environment while delivering high quality accommodation experience.

Send Your Service

Send Your Service is an opportunity for our guest to forfeit their daily housekeeping service for a $5 donation to a local charity that we are supporting. It’s our guests way to do good in our community. So far we have donated over $14,500.

Sustainable Accommodation

World Environment Day

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Here at Aura we are already conscious of ways to reduce our footprint on the environment. We have implemented composting facilities, stock fair trade amenities, encourage sorting, recycling and composting of waste,…