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Updated May 2021. 

Rotorua sits amidst some of the world’s most incredible earth forces that form the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Stretching from Mt. Ruapehu, through Taupo and Rotorua before heading north-east out to White Island. The place is literally littered with geothermal phenomena. Volcanoes, active, dormant and extinct, bubbling mud, sprouting geysers, hissing fumaroles and colourful build-ups of silica. It makes for a Geothermal Wonderland.

At Aura, we harness that natural warmth and goodness. It’s that thermal energy or heat created below us, in the form of natural steam, hot water, hot rocks, or lava, that we transport to the surface. Our production bore (Bore 716), located in the corner of the property, is drilled to a depth of 120 metres below your room, and safely moves that thermal energy to our waiting system of pipes, heat exchangers and boilers above the ground. From this point it heats our water, to ensure that the radiator in your rooms keep you toasty, the shower and taps provide constant hot water and our large outdoor pool is always that perfect temperature all year around. We think that is pretty choice.

But not only that, when we have used it, we return it back to the same depth via our re-injection bore. Clean, green, and sustainable. It keeps you smiling, us smiling, and our planet smiling.

A woman pointing to a sign which explains the geothermal process and explaining it to an older couple.
Our geothermal story!
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