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It’s that time of the year again, in fact it was that time of the year 16 days ago. Movember has crept up on us once again, and has proceeded to creep over our top lips.

Given that fact that we are currently running ‘The Havana Motor Lodge’, and we have just discovered ‘Narcos’, it’s only fitting that we see out the last full month as ‘The Havana’ with a Latin American inspired ‘stache’.

But Movember isn’t just about ditching the razor, twisting those tips, and chewing that ‘stache’ back as it curls it’s way over your top lip. It’s about raising money for the Movember Foundation, tackling some of the biggest health issues men face.

In light of that, we have decided to donate 50 cents for every guest that stays with us this November, a further $1 for every guest that books a Rotorua activity with us, and then a personal bet between Josh and myself as to who has to open their wallet and front another $100 for the worst excuse for a moustache. The stakes are fairly high.

With 14 days to go, we are looking good to hit the 600 guests by the end of the month.

Guest Numbers: 345

Total Activities Booked: 19

Total Amount Raised: $191.50

The word 'movember' with a cartoon moustache.