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‘Eat Streat’–  Your monthly introduction.

We love the place, and we know that you equally love it. From the overhead arches, dazzling revolving lights and constant entertainment, to the thermally headed path under foot, not too mention the quality of the cafes, restaurants and bars that call this place home.

‘Eat Streat’ has got something for everyone.

Eat streat, dining precint lit up at night time with a few people walking through.

Over the next few months we will endeavour to get around the lot of them, and give you the run down of each. While we do have taste buds (admittedly slightly damaged from reckless youth), it would be a real stretch to call us food critics or survive beyond the first audition of Masterchef. Yes, that’s a disclaimer. We are not Food Critics!

Craft Bar & Kitchen – CBK.

CBK is the last site found on your right hand side, entering ‘Eat Streat’ from the lake end. For the benefit of consistence, and as it is the end closest too Aura (280 metres according to our friends at Google Maps).

CBK often stands out as one of the first open, and one of the last to close. That complimented with a steady stream of customers all day long, particularly those looking to quench their thirst through the afternoons on any of the 60 quality New Zealand craft beers on offer. Getting amongst half a dozen of these and you’ll certainly be a little slow in the morning. CBK also offers a wide variety of New Zealand wines and all sorts of other liquids I have never tried in my life.

Once selecting your drink, then comes the next challenge of selecting your meal. The menu is rather wide it could be said, and certainly offers a good variety for all tastes. On settling for the Chicken, Bacon & Basil Pesto Burger (My choices hardly scream adventure), I’m meet with a well sized portion of chips and a burger that has my eyes grow increasingly wider. And to talk you through each bite, well, like I said, I’m no food critic but it tastes bloody good. As proof of this, this wasn’t my first Chicken, Bacon & Pesto Burger from CBK.

And while I think back to the many occasions over summer dining at CBK, I can also reminisce on tucking into the Salt & Pepper Calamari, the Pure Craft Burger (with Fried Egg), the Good George Fish & Chips and the Chicken & Bacon Fettucine.  I can quite confidently say, I’ve never left hungry, just a little more well-rounded.

The Verdict…

To sum up CBK, think an unmatched selection of craft beers, a wide but simple food menu, a busy atmosphere from breakfast through to closing.

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