Five years of Aura Accommodation

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9th of December fell on a Friday back in 2016. It was uncomfortably warm in the sun. While most were knocking off early to enjoy a cold beverage, we were dripping with sweat, cursing the fact we’d decided on a sign that was over 4 meters high, over 1 metre wide. What’s worse, we had 2 of them to get up before the day ended. We’d cut costs on not getting the best equipment to do the job. As guests indicated into the driveway they were greeted with just the one sign and 3 gents visibly a little frustrated. As the light began to fade, we celebrated that we finally had 2 signs welcoming guests to Aura Accommodation. As we stepped back to admire our work with a photo, the day was done and it was time to close for the day. Day one done, not as smooth as we’d hoped and certainly not that spectacular, but a start. That moment still brings great joy. It certainly wasn’t the start of the journey, that was well before then. But it was the line in the sand – Aura Accommodation was the future.

Birthdays bring a great opportunity to reflect. A lot has happened in 5 years, just as a child celebrates all those milestones before heading out the door in their new school uniform, we too have accomplished a huge amount. Too many to individually note, but there are some that fill me with a great sense of pride. Aura Accommodation has been a place that stands for so much;

  • A creator of smiles and laughter. We have welcomed over 33,000 guests. A place of endless memories, from magical holidays, special anniversaries, family gatherings, first steps and learning to dive. We’ve continued to connect our guest to the most unique experiences our incredible home Rotorua has to offer.
  • A business for good. We’ve committed to doing more for our community and environment, from designing our ‘Send your Service’ initiative that has donated more than $22k to local charities, running off the sun and the heat from beneath, to relentlessly reducing our waste. All the while, we’ve ensured we tell our guests to educate and inspire them.
  • A place of constant change. We’ve asked questions, then listen, to our guests and our staff, and over the years have continued to make changes based on feedback. To improve our place for everyone. Did you know when we started this journey rated 59th best accommodation in Rotorua on Trip Advisor? We’ve been no. 1 for a few years now, rated 4.9/5 over 5 years and the quest for better has never stopped.
  • A united work family. Over the years there has been changes in personal, but the constant remains. We have a team that work tirelessly for one another, and enjoy celebrating the wins together. Driven by a desire to be the best and deliver an unmatched experience for each and every guest, every single day.

Whilst looking back gives us perspective and let’s us celebrate our successes, looking forward is always more exciting and relevant. We’ve been on a bumpy road of late, one that has challenges that will continue well into our 6th year – these will only give us more fuel to constantly improve our place, for the people and the environment.

Thank you to all those that have supported us on this journey, and thank you for the continued support into the future.


– Nick

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