Eat Streat – Your Monthly Introduction – Atticus Finch

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‘Eat Streat’–  Your monthly introduction.

We love the place, and we know that you equally love it. From the overhead arches, dazzling revolving lights and constant entertainment, to the thermally headed path under foot, not too mention the quality of the cafes, restaurants and bars that call this place home.

‘Eat Streat’ has got something for everyone.

Last month it was CBK, this month we are venturing into the middle of ‘Eat Streat’. While we do have taste buds (admittedly slightly damaged from reckless youth), it would be a real stretch to call us food critics or survive beyond the first audition of Masterchef. Yes, that’s a disclaimer. We are not Food Critics! More often than not, our opinions are based on how many Craft Beers we’ve sampled before dining.


Atticus Finch:

As you stroll down ‘Eat Streat’, enjoying the atmosphere, and bouncing from menu board to menu board, there is one half way down that without a doubt stands out more than the rest. That being Atticus Finch.

Your eye is already drawn to the fun and friendly fit out, the ‘chirpy’ branding and an atmosphere that draws you in. This is the place to bring that special someone or even a group of mates to have a fun evening of excellent food, quality drink and many a conversation.

The staff are attentive and whilst it’s popularity and demand can result in food delays, it is not through the laziness of the wait staff who are on point and very engaged with the table. The drinks menu is comprehensive and offers up a wide variety with a great range of bottled craft beers. Which naturally we sampled more than a few.

As for the food… It’s all about sharing. The menu is perfectly set out in 3 sections, ‘Small Plates’, ‘Large Plates’ and ‘Sides.’ The waiters are there to carefully explain how many of each dish to order to satisfy the table and can offer up a good recommendation if you are stuck.

Crispy Mozzarella Risotto Balls were a perfect little starter to share amongst the table and any time Fried Chicken is on the menu it never disappoints.  Especially when it is Ginger Sesame seasoned. The Pork Belly was spectacular and the Tamarind Braised Shin Beef with Kumura Mash was phenomenal. As a side, we ordered the Rocket Parmesan Salad, which was barely touched due to our stomachs beginning to swell. Check out the menu here…

Unsurprisingly there was no room for desert, although there were some fantastic options on the menu.

Every taste just works at Atticus Finch and the menu has very cleverly been but together to offer a real treat to each diner.  While I could hardly say my palate is either sophisticated or fussy, it doesn’t need to be in order to truly enjoy Atticus Finch.

And the price you ask? Atticus Finch is one of the more expensive ‘Eat Streat’ restaurants but this place is worth every penny! Be prepared to spend $100 between 2, with a few drinks each and be over the moon with your evenings work.

My tip: Get a group of mates from the big city, book a table in advance and be prepared for praise – Lot’s of it!

Check out Atticus Finch on your next trip to Rotorua.

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