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Here at Aura we are already conscious of ways to reduce our footprint on the environment. We have implemented composting facilities, stock fair trade amenities, encourage sorting, recycling and composting of waste, and are powered with renewable energy among other environmentally focused decisions.

In light of World Environment Day on the 5th of June we decided to identify 3 different types of waste commonly seen at Aura, and audit this waste through the month of May.

Because of our newly build composting facilities we wanted to understand how much organic waste we were saving from the landfill. We were also interested in the number of plastic bottles we were recycling and the number of takeaway coffee cups that ended in our landfill bin.

Through the month of May we hosted 446 guests, can you guess how many kilograms of organic waste we were able to compost? How about takeaway coffee cups and plastic bottles?

These were our results:

Data from the May waste audit.

With May being one of our quieter months, with a 53% occupancy, we are thrilled to see that there was just over 100kg of organic waste saved from entering our landfills. However we are now working towards raising awareness around reducing the number of disposable plastic bottles and takeaway cups that are being consumed, this means being more aware, and more organised.

So June is upon us and the next challenge begins!

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