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Updated May 2021.

Well it starts like a number of other good kiwi stories. Two old school mates. Josh, a builder in Hamilton and Nick, a teacher in Auckland, reminiscing over a few cold ones, chewing the fat about the ‘good old days’. In particular winter weekend road-trips down to Ohakune. Something about the place always left us smiling, even if we didn’t get up the mountain. The place, the people, that feeling when you are in a busy Ohakune street- it’s an infectious feeling of everyone sharing that same excitement about being there, in the now, on their own little adventure, and loving it.

Fast forward 6 months down the track. A run down and dated 1960’s motel, a couple of self-declared late 20’s crises, months of encountering set back after set back, a couple of unlikely moteliers are born and those memories of the Ohakune winters are what drives Aura. That buzz and energy, the feeling of community, and true connection, that sound of laughter and fun, the hum of life.

Too often accommodation has become disconnected. From the people, the place, the history, the stories that can be shared, but more importantly the unique experience accommodation can be.

Aura is about changing that. Family accommodation done differently.

To read more about our journey 5 years on, check out our 5th year Birthday Reflections here.


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