Solar Panels - Aura Accommodation

Solar Energy Goodness!

As we roll out into spring, we’ve got even more reason to welcome the sun this year. Solar Energy Goodness!

During August, we made the commitment to install a solar energy system to produce more of our own energy and further reduce the carbon footprint of our operation at Aura Accommodation.

Our environmental goal has always been to ‘Educate & Inspire’ our community by continually challenging our businesses impact, implement sustainable changes and share these with our community.

For our Solar Energy System, we do not have any battery or storage capacity, so for us it is all about understanding how and when we use electricity – this means making smart changes to our operation to maximise the solar generated throughout the day. In practice, this simply looks like making deliberate decisions around when we run our appliances like washing machines, dryers, spa pumps or air conditioning units. Whether we use timers, sensors or manually adapt to these changes, it is also important that we communicate to our guests what we are trying to achieve through signage, diagrams and informed discussion.

Understanding our energy consumption

Understanding out energy production and consumption – Aura Accommodation – 100 percent renewable energy


Our goal is for our solar system to produce 60% of our electricity requirements (excluding our geothermal usage).  While Solar Energy does not provide all our electricity requirements, we do have an extensive renewable geothermal system, responsible for all the hot water on our property, and for the remainder of our electricity needs we use Meridian Energy who generate electricity from 100% renewable sources.

We look forward to sharing our solar journey as we continue to learn and adapt to become more efficient.

Thanks to Sky Solar & Chris & Co for supporting us through the install of our 60 Trina Panel System with Fronius Inverter.

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