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One girl striking three different poses faces the camera.
Chloe always has a friendly smile on her face
Meet Chloe!
She has an infectious laugh, is always up for a chat and has spent most of her life here in Rotorua! Alongside being a front office superstar and local host for our guests, you might also see her out in the gardens, mowing the lawns or even having a dab at painting. While she has been a part of the Aura team since January 2020, we thought it would be great to share some of her favourite places to go and things to do in Rotorua!
Girl standing in a car park with gumboots and a hose . She is pointing to wooden picnic chairs which have been washed.
Chloe’s always mucking in around Aura!

It’s Friday evening, and you are heading out for some kai. Where are going?
Probably the Fainting Goat – most likely getting a pizza and the arancini balls. Alongside a cheeky cocktail.

If you have friends coming to visit from out of town, what are you doing and where are you taking them?
I feel like I would go out to one of the lakes and take a picnic. I would pick up some snacks from Ciabatta or Pantry D’ior. Otherwise definitely go for a walk somewhere around the forest.

Favourite thing to do when you have a day off?
I like to just chill out on my days off, sometimes me and my partner like to go out for breakfast.  As I live on a farm there is always things to be doing around home so sometimes I will spend a day doing those ‘chores’ and then a day of chilling out, reading my book and always a walk! I have so many animals that I love to walk with.

Chloe walking her cat out on the farm!

If you were heading out for a coffee, where are you off too?
Probably Lime or Zippy’s Café. 

What is something you are really proud of at Aura?
I’m proud of Aura as a team, and what we stand for. I love seeing all the small things that we do behind the scenes and I’m proud of all of our sustainable efforts and how Aura is trying to inspire change with our guests and staff. It makes me proud to work here with all of these things that we value.

What would be your favourite thing to cook on our geothermal steambox?
Ooh, if I could make steam pudding – that would be it! I would give it a damn good go.

Coming into Winter, do you have a favourite Hot Pool?
Last winter I was going to the Polynesian Spa a lot! Otherwise Waikete Valley Thermal Pools is another favourite.  There are so many great hot pool places though, it’s definitely a treat me splurge.

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